The Keene Lions Club was founded in 1937. With an average annual membership of more than 90 members, we are currently the second largest Lions Club in New Hampshire, and the second largest in New England. Members of the Keene Lions Club come from all walks of life and represent the majority of businesses and occupations in the Keene area. We represent a broad range of ages and interests. Our common bond is the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the community with a group of like-minded men and women.

Through the years, community leaders and civic organizations have come to know that when there is a need, they can depend on the Keene Lions Club. Membership is by invitation only and requires that a candidate be sponsored by a current member of the Keene Lions Club. Candidates for membership are invited as guests to the Lions Club weekly luncheons which are held every Tuesday at 12:15. This offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the activities and members.

Men and women seek membership in the Keene Lions Club for many different reasons. For some, membership is a way to give something back to the community. Lionism is a means of joining together to achieve a level of contribution that is larger than the sum of the individual parts.

There is much fellowship through the weekly luncheon and committee meetings and working with others on charitable projects. A broader knowledge of the community is achieved through speaker programs, membership meetings, and working with other organizations in the community.

Most often, the primary benefit is felt to be that Lions contribute to a better quality of life in the community and are a source of assistance to those in need.

Most work in the Keene Lions Club is done in Committees.  Every member chooses a committee.  The member's committee assignment is an important part of membership and deserves ones best effort.  Administrative committees may include attendance, constitution and by-laws, convention, finance, Lions information, membersip, programs, public relations, greeter and leadership development.

If you are interested in considering membership, contact any Keene Lions Club member. If you do not know a member, you can express your interest by email or by writing to:

    The Keene Lions Club
    P.O. Box 62
    Keene, NH 03431

Membership Application Process

The Keene Lions Club has adopted the following procedure for processing new member applicants. This procedure is in place to ensure that the new member is familiar with the club and their personal responsibilities upon acceptance as a new member.

  1. The "Sponsoring Lion" identifies a prospective member.
  2. Membership candidate visits at least two weekly meetings.
  3. Sponsor and candidate fill out application.
  4. Membership application is presented to the Membership Committee Chairperson.
  5. Background check is completed.
  6. Membership committee votes on applicant.
  7. Applicantion is presented to the Board of Directors for vote.
  8. Orientation by Orientation Committee (with sponsor present).
  9. If the applicant accepts the invitation to join, he or she is presented with a New Member Kit and Pin. Initiation fee and pro-rated dues are collected.
  10. Formal induction ceremony before the entirer membership is done at a future date when a number of candidates have been accepted.
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