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KidSight Keene

Keene Lions Club, and four other local Lions Clubs, began offering free eyesight screening to pre-school age children in 2012. The number of children screened has increased each year. During the fall of 2018 we screened over 2,700 children at 46 different day-care, pre-school, public and private schools. In 2018, the importance of eyesight screening was aired by WMUR TV  and featured the same equipment used by us and state-wide by other Lions Clubs. 

Since its start, the program has been expanded by the Club to include kindergarten, first, third, and seventh-grade children. Our objective is to screen 100% of the children in these grades throughout our area each year. In conjunction with the schools, day care centers, and eye care professional, the Club's efforts are directed toward identifying possible conditions that may impede learning or lead to very serious eyesight problems in the future. Please click on Kidsight Keene for more information.


Eyeglasses Financial Assistance

Keene Lions Club offers financial assistance to people who qualify on a needs basis to help them get eye exams and eyeglasses. Applicants can obtain a application through local social service agencies or public school nurses. Applicants can also print an application.  APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR EYEGLASSES   After filling it in and signing it, applicants can either scan it and email it to KeeneLions@gmail.com or mail it to Keene Lions Club, PO Box 62, Keene, NH 03431-0062. 

Eyeglass Recycling

Many people are unaware that their old eyeglasses can still be put to good use long after their prescription has changed. The Keene Lions Club accepts donations of used eyewear and we see to it that those glasses are put to good use - sometimes in the local area, other times halfway around the world.

The Keene Post Office has been kind enough to allow us to locate an eyewear drop box in the lobby of the post office on Main St. Eyewear donations may be made at any time by simply dropping your used eyewear into the purple "mail box" with the gold Lions emblem emblazened on the sides. There is also a drop off box located at Hannaford Supermarket at 481 West Street in Keene. If using either of these drop boxes is not convenient for you, a club member will be happy to make arrangements to pick up your old eyegalsses in person. Just let us know.  


Diabetes Awareness & Prevention


Annual Musical

Since 1952 the Keene Lions Club has produced a full-fledged Broadway-styled musical. Each year we are amazed at the amount of talent that our community has to offer.  The 2019 Show was "TARZAN" and was dedicated to long time Keene Lion, Joanne Mead.

Pictured below, "Beauty and the Beast" took to the stage for four performances at The Colonial Theatre in 2017.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many club members and non-club members throughout the community, Keene Lions Club shows have raised over $15,000.00 for Lions Charities annually.



The Great Ashuelot River Duck Race

2018 marks the 29th consecutive year that The Keene Lions Club has held The Great Ashuelot River Duck Race. 

The ducks are launched into the Ashuelot River and float downstream to the finish line about a quarter-mile away. The ducks race to earn their sponsors a chance at the $5,000.00 cash grand prize. All total over $11,000.00 in cash and prizes are awarded each year.

Junior Lions

We support an active Junior Lions program. Students in their 3rd year at Keene High School regularly attend our noon Luncheon meetings, participate in projects and deliver speeches to the entire club membership. We are proud to be able to introduce the principals of Lionism to America's next generation of volunteers.



Roadside Cleanup

Taking part in the State of New Hampshire's "Adopt a Highway" program, the Keene Lions Club has taken responsibility for a stretch of Route 9 on West Hill. Several times each year, the Lions Club "Chain Gang" spends a Saturday morning gathering rubbish and other "interesting" objects from the 2 mile stretch of road.

Participants usually have an interesting story or two about what has been found. Usually, the clean-up crew comes back with a clear understanding of (1)Which fast food chains are most popular among west-bound travelers and (2) Which beer is the real "King of Beers" in Cheshire County. Additionally, they gain a profound sense of gratitude that the club has adopted Route 9 instead of Route 12 heading north out of Keene (because that's the road to the dump).

Sure it's a dirty job... but nobody said being a Lion was going to be glamorous!


Holiday Citrus Sale

Each year in November and December, we hold our annual Citrus Sale. We've found that there is nothing like a nice succulent, juicy orange in the morning to brush off those winter blues.  We offer four different boxes of fruit during our sale, plus the option of buying a box for the Community Kitchen or making a contribution to the Keene Lions Foundation!






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